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The Ballerina Quilt Block


The ballerina quilt block

Here is a cute quilt block that can be pieced. You can paper piece this quilt block, but if you look at it closely, you will see that it is very easy to make this quilt block.  

This quilt block is made from squares and rectangles.  The head is made from a square, and then shape is given to it using the snowball technique.

The skirt piece can be made by using a long rectangular piece of fabric, and attaching a piece of the background fabric with a diagonal seam. 

The only other tricky part is the waist. Use a square piece of fabric for the bodice, and when you attach the background fabric to the side of it, sew the seam so that the background cuts into the bodice just a little.

Here is a visual of this quilt block with some other novelty quilt blocks. This would be a great quilt block to embellish and make in a miniature size to hang on the Christmas tree. 

ballerina quilt block

ice cream cone quilt block

christmas ornament quilt block





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