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The Accuquilt Fabric Cutter

by Nikki Willhite


Pros and Cons


the Accuquilt fabric cutter

Have considered purchasing an Accuquilt fabric cutter and some cutting dies? If you've read the reviews, you know that some people love them, while others consider them a waste of money. I have to admit, I succumbed and bought one. You can see it in the above picture with one of the dies for cutting the fabric.  Cutting the teardrop shapes with this dies makes quick work of feathered borders.


Having said that, here are the pros and cons of the Accuquilt.


- You can cut perfect shapes every time with the Accuquilt fabric cutting dies.

- You can attach the fusible before you cut the shapes, so securing them on your project is very fast.

- The ease of using the cutter will stimulate you to do more projects.

- It can be fun choosing your dies and waiting to see what comes out next.

- If you love to do handwork, you can spend hours doing the blanket stitch around the appliqués.

- The Accuquilt folds up for compact storage.



Compact folded up Accuquilt fabric cutter- The Accuquilt Cutter is pricey.

- The fabric cutting dies are also not cheap.

- You have to buy an assortment of cutting boards that fit the different shapes of dies that pass through the cutter.

- If you plan on washing your project, you still have to either hand sew or stitch the appliqué in place.
If you want the ease of attaching your fusible to your fabric before cutting it, you won't be able to window the fusible.

- Hand quilting the project when you are done will be difficult if you have not windowed your interfacing.

In my opinion, the biggest drawback to the Accuquilt is the price of the dies. However, if you are a creative shopper, you can probably find new or used dies at a reduced price either online or from another source.


If you are a quilting enthusiast, who loves every new ruler and gadget, you will probably find you enjoy this time saving tool and find it a welcome addition to your supplies.




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