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The Apple Quilt Block

layout of apple quilt blocks

The Apple Quilt Block is a fun block to make.  It is really cute.  It makes great use of scrappy pieces of leftover red, yellow and green  fabrics, or any other color you want to make your apples.  Or it can be great fun to look for specialty fabrics to put in this quilt.

the grids of the apple quilt blockAs you can see from the picture at the left, the grid lines for constructing this block are irregular, as with many novelty quilt blocks.  However, the main part of the apple is made using the snowball

This block has 2 main sections- the apple and row across the top of the apple.

The apple section, and the top left are not hard to make.  What is more difficult is the triangle on the top right.  Usually sections like this are paper pieced. 

Another option is to make the stem easier by using a flying geese block, as in the pictures below.  As you can see, that block is also cute.


picture of the pieces of an apple quilting block finished apple quilt block with flying 
geese stem

If you save the pictures below to your computer, you can enlarge them and use them to make the block at the top of the page.

Apple Quilt Block Pattern

Apple Quilt Block Pattern

Have some fun with this block.  It is great for novelty quilts, potholders, table runners, placemats, aprons and more.

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