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The Boat Quilt Block

boat quilt blocks

There are many boat quilt blocks.  This is one of the easier ones, because you do not need to paper piece any of the parts.

grids of the boat quilt blockAs you can see from the picture on the left, this block has16 patches.  It can be made with squares and half square triangles,  but looks best when some of the seams are removed by making rectangles from some of the side-by-side squares.

One option is to cut the top as a single rectangle.  Then the sides have two squares that can be combined, and also the bottom.  Or you can make this block very scrappy and just use squares.

The center four patches are made from half square triangles.

You have many design options with this quilt block.  You can make very traditional, using white fabric for the sails, a wood print for the boat and blue for the sky, or you can make it in a whimsical design.

This makes a cute little wall hanging, and looks great in a sampler novelty quilt.

Here is a visual of this block with a a couple other novelty quilt blocks.


novelty apple quilt blocknovelty boat quilt blocknovelty trees quilt block

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