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The Bungalow Quilt Block

bungalow quilt blocks

There are many quilt blocks for buildings.  This is one of the easier ones, because you do not need to paper piece any of the parts.

bungelow quilting blockIt is not hard to see how you begin this quilt block.  The roof and sky are made from a flying geese quilt block.  The size of the flying geese block will determine the rest of the measurements.

You have a rectangle to the left and right of the door.  It goes from the beginning of the roof to the bottom of the block, and from the side of the block to the door.

The door unit is made with 3 rectangles.  Make the door first, making sure that it is the proper width when sewn to the sides so that the width is equal to the width of the bottom of the flying geese or roof.

Then attach a filler piece on the top and the bottom of the door in the same fabric as the front of the bungalow.

That is all there is to it.  This block looks great in rows with a linear design.  Or you can use it in a sampler or art quilt.  It is a great block for the beginner and the scrappy quilter.

Here is a visual of this novelty quilt block with a few other novelty blocks.


american flag quilting block Bungalow Quilt Block

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