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The Card Trick Quilting Block

grouping of card trick quilt blocks

The Card Trick Quilt Block is another 9-patch block that is most often used in sampler quilts.
The Card Trick uses color to create an illusion of depth.  It is a harder block to make than some of the beginning blocks, but you will not get confused if you make your patches in the right colors and put them in the correct places.
the grids of the card trick quilt blockYou can see the grids of this block in the picture on the left.  The outer corners are half square triangles.  The middle side patches are split quarter square triangles, and the center is a quarter square triangle.

If you isolate these patches, you can see it more clearly.


the corner patch of the Card Trick Quilting Block

    corners: half square triangles


the side patches of the Card Trick Quilting Block     sides: split quarter square triangles


the center patch of the Card Trick Quilting Block    center: quarter square triangles


Choose your patch size and your colors, and then follow the links to review how to make these blocks.  Draw your blocks on a piece of paper, and use crayons, colored pencils, or pieces of fabric to clearly mark which colors go where in each patch.  If you follow these steps, you won't get confused.

Sew your block together using good piecing techniques, and you are done.

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