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Carrie Nation Quilt Block

layout of Carrie Nation Quilt Blocks

carrie nation quilt blockThis is a very easy quilt block that dates back many years.  It is a classic. 

This  is a 4-patch quilt block, that has been subdivided into 16 patches. Four of the subdivided patches have been further divided, so you could also call it a 64- patch block.

As you can see, the most prominent feature of the block is the strong diagonal lines made by the placement of the darker fabrics in the small 4-patch blocks.

This block is often called a connector block because of the continuation of the horizontal lines and also because of the harmony in a quilt when this block is used with other blocks.

This is a great quilt block to make from scraps, as value is what defines this block. You can do a lot of chain piecing when making this block.  As you can see from the above picture, there is a large 4-patch quilt block on opposite corners of the block, and then there are solid squares and smaller 4-patch blocks in the other two sections.

If you are building up a collection of scrap fabrics, think about making some of the smaller patches for a quilt down the road.  Then, when the time comes when you are ready to make a large quilt, you will be ahead of the game.

Here is a visual of a layout possibility for this block when used with the Diamond Sawtooth Quilt block.


clipart picture of the carrie nation quilt block with a sawtooth star quilt block

clipart picture of the carrie nation quilt block with a sawtooth star quilt block






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