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Christmas Ornaments Quilt Blocks

Christmas ornament quilt blocks

I love this quilt block, because you can have so much fun with it playing with ribbons and trims for decoration.   It is also a very easy quilt block to make.

the grid lines of the christmas bulb quilt block

There are a couple of ways to approach making this quilt block.  If you want to make it with trims and laces, the center of the block is made like a Snowball Quilt Block. Then you sew you embellishments on top of the block.

You do not have to worry about the edge of the trim, because it will be caught up in the seam allowance when you add the border to the block.

Your first row uses the snowball technique on both sides of the rectangle to shape the side. The bottom row of the bulb is constructed the same way.

Strip piece the horizontal rows of the ornament.

Finally, add the strips around the outside. Piece the center strip a different color for the stem.

Here is a visual of this block with a few other quilt blocks

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