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Cross Design Quilt Block

Design 01

picture of a cross design quilt block

Cross Quilt Blocks are blocks that have a cross shape as the most dominant feature.  This is usually obtained by subdividing some of the patches into rectangles.  The block featured on this page is a 9-patch, but they can be made with different grids.

picture of a peach colored connector quilt blockThis block is very similar to the Connector Block, pictured on the left. As you can see, the corner blocks are the same half square triangles as in the block on the top. The centers are both squares.

The only blocks the have been subdivided are the outside center blocks, which have been made with strips of rectangles to give the appearance of a cross.

This is an easy block, that makes good use of scrappy fabric.  The biggest calculation you will have to make is how wide to cut the strips for the rectangles.  If your patches are finishing at 3 inches, you cut them all at 1 1/2 inches.  When you sew them together, your block will measure 3 1/2 inches.  That is 3 inches finished to match the other patches.

Be careful about placing these blocks next to each other in a quilt. The strips blend together, and you lose the design of the block. 

Use another block next to it that stops the eye at the end of the rows, as illustrated below.  All 9-patch blocks fit well together, as you can see from the churn dash below.

Even though the grids don't match, you can mix many star blocks with a 9-patch, as illustrated by the Sawtooth Star, which is a 4-patch block.

connector blockcross blockconnector block

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