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Cross Design Quilt Block

Design 02

Cross Quilt Blocks are blocks that have a cross shape as the most dominant feature.  This is usually obtained by subdividing some of the patches into rectangles.

The easiest way to construct this block is to treat it like a 9-patch block.  You have 5 solid patches, and 4 patches with rectangles.

Notice, however, that the striped patches are smaller than the solid squares.

The easiest way to plan this block is to make the patches with the stripes a little smaller, as well as the center square, and then cut your corner squares large enough to make up the difference.

Be careful which blocks you place next to this one. The irregular placement of the lines of the stripes  may cause problems with the design of your project.  Your patches are not going to match up with a typical 9-patch made the same size.

This block is probably going to need lattice on the side, or perhaps stars.  See Cross Design 01 for a few design tips for blocks with crosses.

Colors aside, notice how the Sawtooth Star looks a lot better next to this block than the churn dash.  The points of the churn dash are touching the Cross block in a way that is not pleasing to the eye. You need to be either point to point, or far enough away that it doesn't matter.

churn dash quilt block cross quilt block sawtooth star quilt block

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