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Cross Design Quilt Block 


Design 03

clipart picture of a cross style quilt block



Cross Quilt Blocks are blocks that have a cross shape as the most dominant feature.  This is usually obtained by subdividing some of the patches into rectangles. 


the grids of a 4-patch cross style blockAs you can see from the picture on the left, this cross style block is a 4-patch, that has been further divided into 16 patches. 


The center square covers 4 patches, and is twice the size of the corner blocks.  If you choose to make each patch finish at 2 inches, than the center is cut 4 1/2 inches to finish at 4 inches.


The degree of difficulty with this block is the rectangles.  The rectangles take up the space of 2 patches, but the darker stripes are thinner than the white stripes.


You need to calculate a combination of 3 wider light strips with 2 dark stripes that will finish at 4 inches.  One easy calculation is to make the 3 light strips finish at one inch.  You now have one inch left over for the dark strips.  Since you need two of them, they will finish at 1/2 inch.


If you don't like the proportions,  you can make minor adjustments.


You always have to be careful with cross style blocks.  See Cross Design 01 for a few design tips for blocks with crosses.


Notice in the picture below how well the Sawtooth, another 4-patch quilt block, looks with the 4-patch Cross Block.  The Churndash, a 9-patch block,  doesn't match as well.



clipart picture of a Churndash quilting block

clipart picture of a Cross style quilting block

clipart picture of a Sawtooth quilting block







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Many beginning quilters like to buy quilt pre-cut quilt squares. While it is convenient, be aware you will need a lot of them. Here is approx how many 4-inch squares you need for the following size quilts without borders.

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