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Diagonal Squares Quilting Block

layout of diagonal squares quilt blocks

The Diagonal Squares Quilt Block is a 4-patch quilt block that has been further divided into 16 grids or patches. 

It is an easy block, as it is constructed with nothing but 4-patches and large squares.  The key to making this block is value.  The medium or dark fabric in the 4-patch must be placed so that the squares make diagonal rows.

There is a lot of movement in this block.  This block can be made very scrappy, as it is the value and not the color that is important.

Decide on the size on your 4-patch blocks, and then cut the squares the same size.  Sew the blocks together, using good piecing and pressing techniques, and you are done.

As a 4-patch quilt block (some quilters call it a 2-patch), this block works well with a lot of other blocks.  However, this block does well by itself and is often used as the only block on a quilt.  Variations of this block are often the first project attempted by a new quilter.

Here are some more design options.  Notice the turning of the 4-patch in the center block. The length of the diagonal line has been broken because of the value in the patches. 


Diagonal Squares Quilt BlockDiagonal Squares Quilt BlockDiagonal Squares Quilt Block

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