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The Double Churn Dash

layout of 4 Double Churndash Quilt blocks

The Double Churn Dash Quilt Block is a 5-patch quilt block.  This  churn dash block takes a 9-patch churn dash and turns it into a 5-patch block.  If you click on the link for the churn dash, you will see that the double churn dash block has a smaller center and is subdivided into 25 patches.

the grids of the 5-patch Double Churndash quilt blockAs you can see from the grids on the picture at the left, the double churn dash patches are made from squares and half square triangles.

The half square triangles in the corners take up 4 of the smaller patches. The rest of the units are small squares.  One of the lines of small squares that go through the center of the block can be quickly constructed using strip piecing.

Remember that 5-patch blocks like this one do not blend well with the more common 4-patch and 9-patch blocks.  Be very careful putting them together in a quilt.

However, this is a beautiful block, and can carry a quilt by itself.  You can put sashing or squares between the blocks.  Or you can add other 5-patch blocks.

The Double Churn Dash is one of the more popular 5-patch quilt blocks.

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