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The Double Star Quilt Block

the double star quilt block

The Double Star quilt block is a regular sawtooth quilt block with an extra round. When you add the additional round, The additional round is again made with Flying Geese patches and squares in the corners.

The Flying Geese Unit is always exactly twice as long as it is wide. Be sure to make your first Sawtooth Star taking that measurement into consideration.  If you first star finishes at 6 inches, then the outer Flying Geese units will finish at 6x3 inches.  The block would then finish at 9 inches.

the grids of the double star quilt block That is an easy size to place next to a 9-patch block with 3 inch grids, but as you can see from the picture at the left, this is basically a 4-patch block.

It the inner star finished at 4 or 8 inches, you would end up with a 6 or 12 inch block, which would work better with other 4-patch blocks. Keep that in mind when deciding what size to make your beginning star.

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