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The Evening Star Quilting Block

The Evening Star Quilt Block

There are many star quilt blocks that are named Evening Star. I think that is because the name is so pretty.

the grids of the Evening Star Quilt BlockAs you can see from the picture on the left, this Evening Star quilt block is a 9-patch block.  The center is a plain square , the corners patches have been subdivided and are made from smaller squares and half square triangles, and the blocks on the inside outer edge are hourglass or quarter square triangle blocks.

Determine the size of the patches or grids for your block, and then review the links above to make the units.  Follow good piecing and pressing techniques so that the block lies flat.  Also be mindful of value, so that the star points stand out. 

I've always found that star units look very nice when made in different shades of one color, like in the above picture.  Other variations would be red and pink, dark and light green, and so forth.

There are many 9-patch blocks, so you won't have any trouble working this block into a quilt. Below is a visual of this block with a couple other 9-patch blocks.

prairie queen quilt block with other 9-patch blocks evening star quilt block with other 9-patch blocks ohio star quilt block with other 9-patch blocks

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