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The Garden of Eden Quilting Block

clipart picture of garden of Eden Quilt Blocks

grids of the Garden of Eden quilt blockThe Garden of Eden is another 5-patch quilt block.  You can see the black lines separating the grids in the picture to the left.  Each diamond block takes up two grids  As you can see from the picture, you can make the diamonds from half square triangles.  You can cut a square for the center, and rectangles for the sides or lattice.

the Garden of Eden Quilt BlockHowever, it always looks better to remove seams, when possible.  The squares turned on point can be made from the Diamond in a Square Quilt Block. 

Follow the link above for instructions on how to make this block.  There is a chart at the bottom of the page to help you determine the size to cut the squares.

This is a great sampler block, but also looks good on its own.  You can unify the block by cutting the center square from the same fabric, or you can made the quilt very scrappy. 

Here is a visual of this block with a couple other 5-patch quilt blocks.  Notice how well the 5-patches work together.  That is why the grids and patches are so important.


Double Churndash Quilt Block

Garden of Eden Quilt Block

broken dishes quilt block




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Scrappy Bear Claw Quilt



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Churndash Quilt block


Quilt Sizes


Wall Hanging  any size

Baby 36x36 up to 52x52

Lap 52-68 x 52-96

Twin  64-72 x 86-96

Full 70-88 x 88-100

Queen  88-99 x 94-108

King  94-108 x 94-108


Pre-cut Quilt Squares

 4-Patch Quilt Block

Many beginning quilters like to buy quilt pre-cut quilt squares. While it is convenient, be aware you will need a lot of them. Here is approx how many 4-inch squares you need for the following size quilts without borders.



Crib 168
Twin 529
Double 624
Queen 728




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