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The Geese Run Quilt Block

picture of geese run quilt blocks

There are many names for quilt blocks made from flying geese quilt blocks.  They are often called geese something...whether it is geese run, geese chase, circle of geese, etc.  The unique things about this geese block is that it a 5-patch quilt block.  This is also a quilt block that is used a lot in sampler quilts.

the grids of the 5-grid Geese Run quilt block.

This is a very easy block to make.  Make you flying geese units, following the above link if necessary.  Cut a center square the width of the geese.  Then sew all the patches together.

One of the easiest ways to sew the patches together is to do it by rows or columns.  If you want to sew it together by vertical rows (or columns), sew 2 geese units together.  Then sew 3 together and attach them to the first 2, per the above picture. 

The middle row will be 1 geese patch attached at both sides to the center square.  Be sure any pay attention to which way you turn the block. 

Finally your last vertical row is 3 geese sewn to 2 geese.  Sew your vertical rows together and yo are done.

Again, this block can be made scrappy.  The blocks at the top of the page each feature a different color, but are made from scrappy fabrics.  It gives an interesting look to the quilt. If you make larger flying geese patches, it will go quickly. Watch the direction of your geese, and you won't have any problems.

5-patch blocks are fewer in number than 4 or 9 patches.  This is a good one.  Here is a visual of this block with a few other 5-patch blocks.


geese run quilt blockwedding ring quilt blockdouble four patch quilt block

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