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The Hot Air Balloon Quilt Block

layout of hot air balloon quilt blocks

Here is another great novelty quilt block that is fun to make, and can be altered and embellished. Blocks like these make great miniature quilts to decorate rooms for children.  

the grids of the hot air balloon quilt blockYou don't have to have to worry about precise measurements when making most novelty blocks.  You can make the balloon and basket any size you like.

I have drawn a few more grid lines into the block at the left just to make the pieces easier to see.

The easiest way to make this block is by rows.  The top row is done with the snowball method.  Cut a rectangle for the balloon part of the row, attach the small squares at each end, and pull them back to form the shape of the balloon.

Do the same thing for the 3rd row; just altering the direction you sew the small squares. 

The 3rd row down, with the strips can be made in many ways.  You can piece together small rectangles, or you can just cut a piece of cute fabric and use it.  If you have a bit of tiny striped fabric that would be easy.  The important thing is to make it colorful and fun.

Finish the block by making the squares and rectangles on the bottom row.

Here is a visual of this novelty block with a few other fun quilt blocks.  Have some fun with this one.

novelty boat quilt block hot air balloon novelty quilt block novelty bird house quilt block

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