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I Spy Quilts

i spy quilt fabrics A-C


A is for Apple, B is for Bee and C is for Cat


I Spy Quilts are made from novelty quilt fabrics.  They are for children, and they are colorful and fun. 

There are a couple ways to make an I Spy Quilt and the play the I Spy game.  The easiest way is to just make a bunch of colorful quilt blocks with assorted prints.  When you play the game, you ask a child to find a picture of something on one of the prints that you have put in the quilt.

A more formal I Spy quilt is made with prints that represent each letter of the alphabet.  You may have an apple print for the letter "A",  a print with bees for the letter "B", and a print with cats for the letter "C".  Instead of asking the children to find an apple on the quilt, you ask them to find something that starts with the letter A.

It can be a challenge to find a fabric that represents each letter in the alphabet, the the hunt is part of the fun for the quilter.

You can make the quilt using plain squares,  or you can use your favorite quilt block.

If you are making this quilt for a very young child, you may want to make snowball patches surrounded by solids to help them find the prints. Older children will be able to find objects in quilts that are more busy.  Either way, this quilt is lot of fun for everyone.

Note: If you are like most quilters you have two groups of fabrics.  You have expensive quilt shop fabric, and you have quality 100% cotton that does not have the same high thread count or quality of most quilt shop fabric.  Do not mix the two types of fabric in the same quilt.  

Most I Spy quilts are made for children, so most quilters like to make them from less expensive fabric.  It can be tempting to use a more expensive fabric when you find a print you love, especially in a hard to find letter.  You can mix the quality of the fabrics, but quality fabric will last for years, and less expensive fabric has a much shorter life. 

The prints in picture above are all from a discount fabric store.  They are 100% cotton, but it is not quilt shop quality.

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