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The Irish Chain Quilt Block

the irish chain quilt block layout

The Irish Chain quilt block is a very simple quilt block that makes strong diagonal lines.

The Irish Chain Quilt Block There are many variations of this quilt block, but it is always alternated with a solid square.  As you can see from the block at the left, this is a very simple 9-patch block.  You can make it scrappy, as long as you have the value correct.

Some Irish Chain blocks have larger squares in the center.  Some have more grids, the the chain is doubled or tripled.
Unless you are making this fabric very scrappy, the block on this page  is usually strip pieced.  You make two strip sets, one for the top and bottom row, and the other for the middle row.  Since the top and bottom use the same strip set, you only need half as many strip sets for the middle row.

Then you cut squares, the size of the Irish Chain block,  to place between the Irish Chain 9-patches.  You can cut solid squares, or you could piece a light colored 9-patch block.

This is a classic block that is a favorite for beginners.  It is easy to make large or small.  Almost every quilter finds a project to try this one out at least once.  It is also easily quilted by machine stitching in the ditch or diagonally across the rows (cross hatching).

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