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The Jar Quilt Block

layout of food jar quilt blocks

The Jar Quilt Block is a fun block that almost every quilters makes at least once.  You can fill the jars with bugs, food, little toys, or whatever you like. It is an easy block to make.  Part of the fun is searching for the fabric to put in the jars.

You can make tall, thin jars, or you can make them short and wide.  You can use metallic fabric for the lids, and fabric that has a wood print below the jars to look like a shelf.

grids of the jar quilt blockIt is easy to see how this block is constructed from the picture on the left.  As you can see, the grid lines are irregular, as with most novelty blocks.

The contents of the bug jar are made from cut square that you turn into a snowball quilt block

The top row is a rectangle, and is cut from the background fabric, which in the picture is black.

The lid of the jar is cut to the desired size, and rectangles are cut from the background fabric are cut to match the width of the jar and extend to the desired size of the block.

Rectangles are also made from the background fabric and put at the sides of the jar to the edge of the block.

Finally, another long rectangle is put on the bottom.  This is the piece that is often cut from a wood type print.

Once you see how this block is constructed, you can tell how easy it is to make.  It is a favorite for potholders, table wear, wall hangings and quilts.

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