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The Maple Leaf Quilt Block

picture of a maple leaf quilt block

The Maple Leaf Quilt Block is another favorite quilt block usually made in Autumn colors.  It is a 9-patch, so there are a lot of blocks that fit nicely with it.  Most of the block is made with squares and half square triangles.

a variation of the maple leaf quilt block with gridsThere are several ways to make this block.  The block on the top has a straight stem. The block on the left doesn't have a stem.  I have also put the grid marks on this block, so you can the 9 patches. 

You can also make this block with a appliquéd curved stem.

To make the block to the left, first decide on the measurement for the patches. Then make the half square triangles and cut the squares.

If you want to make a stem, here is how you do it.  Let's make the patches finish at 3 inches.  The first thing you want to do is cut a square 3 1/2 inches from the fabric you want for the stem.  You are going to use the Snowball Quilt Square technique to attach the squares and make the stem.  You are putting squares on opposite corners of the stem fabric, sewing down the middle, and then turning them back to reveal the stem fabric. The smaller the two squares, the wider the stem.  If you want a thin stem, you will make the small squares almost as large as the stem fabric square beneath.

Cut away the excess fabric under the backing to reduce bulk.

the stem of the maple leaf quilt blockThe white portion in the square to the left is the fabric that was attached with the small squares, sewn across the square diagonally, and then folded back.  The black is the revealed stem fabric.

Here are a couple layouts that show you how beautiful this block can look.  The first is with the stems, and the second without them.  As you can see, the second layout looks like a star.

picture of a layout of 4 maple leave blocks with stems picture of 4 maple leaves layout without stems

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