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The Mock Log Cabin Quilt Block

layout of mock log cabin quilt blocks

The Mock Log Cabin Quilt Block is an easy 9-patch quilt blocks. It is wonderful for using up small scraps of fabric.  It is similar to the Log Cabin Quilt Block in that the block is split on the diagonal.  Half of the block is made from light fabrics, and the other half is made with medium or dark colored fabrics.

As with the Log Cabin block, there are many ways to turn this blocks to achieve a lot of different looks.

the grids of the mock logcabin quilt block This very simple block is all squares, with the exception of two half square triangles.

It is easy to see the patch placement in the picture above.  This is one of those blocks that is fun to make between projects with leftover scraps.  When you get a basket of them, you can put them together.

This block has so many layouts that it is usually used alone in a quilt. Here is a visual of the standard layout.  As you can see, it makes strong horizontal lines and has a lot of movement. When all the squares are a variety of colors and prints, it gives the quilt character and personality.

the standard layout for the mock log cabin quilt block

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