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The Money Wrench Quilt Block

picture of a grouping of monkey wrench or snail's trail quit blocks

The Monkey Wrench, or Snail's Trail quilt block, is a lot easier than it looks.  One of the reasons people like this block is that it looks it has curved seams.  Many people find curved seams difficult and avoid them.  This gives you the movement of curved lines with straight piecing.

the 4-patch snail's trail quilt block or monkey wrench quilt blockAs you can see from the picture on the left, the Money Wrench is a 4-patch quilt block, that has been further divided into 16 patches.

You start by making the 4-patch in the center of the block.  Next you add triangles to the sides of the 4-patch.  To make your triangles, cut 2 squares, and then cut them in half diagonally.

To size the square, take the finished measurement of the 4-patch, and add 1/4 inch. Or cut it a little larger as you are going to be trimming the square when you are done.

Add the triangles on opposite sides of the 4-patch first, press, and then do the other two sides.  Trim the square, being sure to leave the 1/4 inch seam allowance at the end of the point of the square.

The rest of the patches are either squares or half square triangles.  Value is extremely important in this block, so be sure and use contrasting colors, and place your patches in the correct grid.

the grids of the monkey wrench quilt block

Here is an example of the traditional layout for this block.

traditional layout of the monkey wrench or snail's trail quilt block


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