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The Mug Quilt Block

mug quilting blocks

Here is another novelty quilt block that does not have to be paper pieced. It has all straight lines, and is great for scraps.

This is a great block to use for tablewear, kitchen wall hangings, and items like potholders.

grids of the mug quilt blockThere are lots of rectangles in this quilt block.  The horizontal one on the top of the block is a little smaller than the shelf rectangle at the bottom.

The mug itself is a wide rectangle.

It is easier to make the handles if you think in terms of rectangles.  You have a vertical rectangle for the handle, a matching rectangle on the right of the handle in the background fabric, and a rectangle between the handle and the mug, again in the background fabric.

Small, short rectangles are placed from the handle to the cup, and a rectangle is place on top of them to fill in the space to the top of the mug and the top rectangle.

Have some fun with this block.  It can be great fun choosing patterns for the mugs.

Here is a visual of this quilt block with other novelty quilt blocks.


boot quilt blockmug quilt blockcat quilt block

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