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The Ohio Star Quilt Block

clipart picture of a grouping of Ohio star qult blocks

The Ohio Star Quilt block is another great star block favorite.  It is very easy to make, once you learn how to make the quarter square triangle quilt block, commonly referred to as the hourglass.

the grids of the Ohio Star Quilt BlockAs you can see from the picture on the left, the Ohio Star is a 9-patch, so it works well with a lot of other blocks. 

Determine your patch size, and the make your 4 quarter square triangles.  Refer to the link for the quarter square triangle page above if necessary.

Cut your 4 squares for the side, and the center square the same measurement as you half square triangles.

Sew them together as shown in the picture, and you are done.

Here are are few blocks done in different styles, from Autumn to feminine with a shabby chic look.  Notice how some blocks would work well in the same quilt, but others would not blend well.  No color ever stands alone, and the same is true for quilt blocks and fabric.

clipart picture of an Ohio star quilt block clipart picture of an Ohio star quilt blockclipart picture of an Ohio star quilt blockclipart picture of an Ohio star quilt block

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