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The Pumpkin Quilt Block

clipart picture of pumpkin quilt blocks

the grids of the pumpkin quilt blockAs you can see from the picture at the left, this block is make in two sections.  The bottom of the pumpkin is made from a large square.  Then small squares are attached to the corners, sew on diagonally, and pulled back to make the shape of the body of the pumpkin.  This is the snowball block technique.  However, make the corner squares a little smaller so that your pumpkin is larger.

The sides on the top row of the block are made from two rectangles of the background fabric.

The stem is a rectangle, cut from the brown fabric to fit between the sides. Again using the snowball technique and using the background fabric, a small square is placed on the top right and pulled back to give it the desired shape.

Make the stem first, and then size the background rectangles accordingly.

the pumpkin quilt block the house quilt block

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