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Quarter Square Triangle Quilt Block

clipart picture of quarter square triangles<

The quarter square quilt block is another basic quilt block that is used over and over by every quilter.  Unlike the half square triangle quilt block, the bias edges are the short sides.

This block is made in pairs, like the half square triangle.  It starts the very same way.  However, it is a two step process, and the squares are cut larger.

You need two squares to make a pair of these blocks.  Cut them 1 1/4 inch larger than the measurement you want for the finished size of the block.  You can make them a little larger if you want to trim the block when you are done.

Put two squares right sides together and draw a diagonal line from  one corner to the other. Sew on both sides of the line.  Then cut the block on the drawn diagonal line.

Now you take your two half square triangles, and place them right sides together, dark against white, and run another diagonal line from corner to corner.  Again sew a 1/4 inch seam down both sides of the line, and then cut on the drawn diagonal line again.

You now have two of the blocks, that look similar to the ones at the top of the page. Trim and you are done.


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