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Quilting and Photo Transfer Paper

by Nikki Willhite

When making a quilt for a child, one of the most fun things you can do it to add pictures of them to the quilt.  This is easy to do.

All you need to do is pick up some photo transfer paper for your inkjet printer.  It comes in a light colors, like pure white or cream.  You can find this paper at most quilt and craft stores.

Here are the steps

1.  Choose your pictures.  They need to be on your computer.  If you have a picture you want to use that isn't on your computer, either scan it and put it on your hard drive, or take a digital picture of it and put it on your computer.

2.  Choose a program  to bring display the pictures  You can use the Paint program that comes with windows software.  I prefer to use Microsoft's Word processing program.

3.  Arrange your pictures.  Size them either in word, or bring them up in Window's Paint and do it. 

4.  Do a print preview to make sure they all fit correctly on the paper.

5.  Insert your paper into your inkjet printer according to which side it prints.  One side of the photo print paper is fabric, and the other side just paper.

6.  Print you pictures, and then set the paper aside until they dry.  Follow the directions on the back of the photo paper.  Usually you set the ink with a dry iron when the paper is dry.

7.  Pull the paper off the back of the fabric, and you are none.  You now have a piece of fabric with your photo that is ready to be used as quilt fabric.

8  Note:  If you want to label the pictures, write on them in Paint, Word or whatever program you are using before you print them.

Below is a picture of a quilt top I am working on.  I am using a lot of panels and linear fabrics to make this quilt. See Cheater Fabrics, Panels and Linear Prints.

Quilting with pictures is very rewarding.  What could be better than looking at the faces of those you love as you do that which you love!


quilt top with a quilt square made with inkjet photo transfer paper

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