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Quilt Blocks by Category

4-Patch and 9-Patch Blocks

4-Patch Blocks



../images/icon for the anvil quilt block



../images/icon of the broken dishes quilt block

Broken Dishes




../images/icon for the diagonal squares quilt block

Diagonal Squares


../images/icon of the double 4 patch quilt block

Double 4 Patch


../images/icon of the flock of geeses quilt block

Flock of Geese


../images/icon of the monkey wrench or snail's trail quilt block

Monkey Wrench


../images/icon of the pinwheel quilt block



clipart ../images/icon of the quarter square triangle quilting block

Quarter Square Triangle


icon of ohio star quilt block

Sawtooth Star


clipart ../images/icon of the split quarter square triangle quilting block

Split Quarter Square Triangle


../images/icon of the spool and bobbin quilt block

Spool and Bobbin


9-Patch Blocks


Antique Tile


Bear Claw


../images/icon picture of the bowtie quilt block



../images/icon of the broken wheel quilt block

Broken Wheel


../images/icon of the card trick quilting block

Card Trick


Churn Dash


../images/icon of the connector quilt block



../images/icon of the friendship star quilt block

Friendship Star


../images/icon of the maple leaf quilt block

Maple Leaf


icon of mock log cabin quilt block

Mock Log Cabin


../images/icon of the prairie queen quilting block

Prairie Queen


clipart ../images/icon of a shoofly quilt block



../images/icon of the spool quilt block



../images/icon of the underground railroad quilt block

  Underground Railroad


../images/icon of windmill quilt block



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