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Stars, Crosses and 5-Patch Blocks

Star Blocks

Crown Star


../images/icon of the double star quilt block

Double Star


../images/icon of the diamond sawtooth star quilt block

Diamond Sawtooth Star


../images/icon of the evening star 01 quilt block

Evening Star 01


../images/icon of the four corners quilt block

Four Corners


../images/icon of the friendship star quilt block

Friendship Star


../images/icon of the martha washington quilt block

Martha Washington Star


../images/icon of the morning star quilt block

Morning Star


Ohio Star


../images/icon for the sawtooth star quilt block

Sawtooth Star


../images/icon of the star on star quilt block

Star on Star


Cross Blocks


cross block icon

Cross 01


cross block icon

Cross 02


cross block icon

Cross 03


5-Patch Blocks


../images/icon of the Baton Rouge Square quilt block

Baton Rouge Square


../images/icon of the 5-patch broken dishes quilt block

Broken Dishes


clipart picture of the double churndash quilt block

Double Churn Dash


../images/icon of the Garden of Eden Quilt Block

Garden of Eden


../images/icon of the geese run quilt block

Geese Run


../images/icon of the tornado quilt block



wedding ring quilt block icon

Wedding Ring


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