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The Rail Fence Quilt Block


picture of a grouping of quilting rail fence blocks


Here is another great block for the scrappy quilter.  It is fast, easy to make, and great for scraps.


If you cut your leftover fabric into strips when you are though with a project,  this quilt will be even easier to make.  I store my small leftover fabric in 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 inch strips, as picture on the Home page.  There are so many ways to use strips.  It is a lot easier on my wrists to cut fabric as I go, rather than doing it all at one time.


The easiest way to make this quilt is to strip piece the blocks.  If you are making a large quilt, it won't matter if you have several duplicate blocks.  If you are making a small project, you may want to piece each block individually, so they will all be different.


If chain piecing, pick a width, and then sew your three strips together.  Then cut them apart the width of the block.


The blocks pictured above are set in the traditional layout for the rail fence quilt.  However you can turn them so they zig-zag diagonally up the quilt, or use any layout you like. 


One of my favorite things about this block is that when you turn every other block, you never have to think about nesting seams, as they never touch.


You can also vary the size of these blocks by putting more strips in each block.  Or you cut the blocks wider. If you want to make this quilt quickly, use wide strips, and use 5 of them for each block.


This is a great quilt for a beginners or for young quilters. 





Frugal Quilting

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Learn to make quilts with basic blocks.  Learn how to save money quilting.   Visit the Quilt Gallery to see just how lovely beginning quilts can be.  Visit Frugal Quilting.com.


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Be warm, be safe;   save time and money.    Be frugal and be happy.  






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