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Scrappy Quilts and Their Backing


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Scrappy quilt tops can also have pieced backing. However, it is more work than using a solid piece of fabric.


The easiest backing to put on your quilt is fabric that comes in 108- inch wide widths.  These are wide enough that they don't need to be pieced.  They are most commonly found in solid colors.


Some people feel that if they are going to all the work of making a quilt that they want a pattern on the back also.  So they buy regular fabric and piece it.


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There are two ways to piece a solid piece of fabric.  You can run the seam down the center, or you can divide the fabric into thirds.  The latter way is preferable.  If you run the seam down the center, the quilt might start folding like a book.


If you are going to do your own quilting, think about buying a piece of fabric with a quilting design you can follow from the back.  The piece of fabric at the top of the page is a good example.  It has diagonal lines as well as vertical lines that you can follow for your quilting design.


You will find quilters most often use small prints for their fabric backing.  This is because small prints hide imperfections like puckers.


Another possibility with a simple quilt is to use fleece or flannel for the backing.  Children love fleece.  It would also be great for wheelchair quilts for the elderly.  If the fleece is very thick, you may even be able to do without the batting.









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