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The Snowball Quilt Block

picture of snowball quilt block combined with sawtooth star quilt block

When most quilters think about the snowball quilt block, they think that the snowball should frame a fussy cut piece fabric and be the focus of the quilt. 

What is often over looked is that the snowball quilt block makes a beautiful connector block, making strong diagonal lines to give the quilt movement.

The snowball is a versatile quilt block. It is easy to make and a favorite for quilters.

To make one block, all you need is 1 large square, and 4 smaller squares.  The smaller squares are cut 1/3 the size of the cut larger square, plus 1/2 inch for the seam allowances.

Place a small square on each corner of the large square.  Sew diagonally through each small square in the direction show in the picture on the left.   Press the seams to ward the corners, and trim away the excess fabric under the small square.  

picture of a square of fabric to start the snowball quilt block pictures of small squares pinned to the corners of the snowball square picture of the finished snowball quilt block

The small squares shape the large square, and now the big square looks like a snowball.

You can use your iron as press the squares in half diagonally for a quick sewing line, us a marking tool, or because the distance is so short try and sew it without a guide. Cut away the extra fabric fabric under the small squares.

Note: If you want to make the Square in a Square quilt block using the snowball technique, just make the small squares larger.  Cut the small squares 1/2 of the size of the finished block plus 1/2 inch.

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