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Squares and Scrappy Quilting

a plain square quilt top

There is no doubt that making a quilt with squares is very easy. What a lot of people do not realize is that some of the most beautiful and attractive quilts are made with nothing but squares.

I like monochromatic quilts. They look really pretty in squares because you can more easily see the differences in the prints and texture of the fabrics, as well as the subtle color variations.

Fabrics with large prints look best as borders or cut up as large squares so that you can see more of the print.

The opposite is also true.  Many small squares with different patterns and colors put together can look sensational.

If you are looking to make a "utility quilt", or one that is not so much for beauty but for warmth and comfort, then you can choose some of the fabrics from your stash that are not your best fabrics but that blend well.

I have some extra challenges with my fabric because I have both quilt shop fabric and other 100% cotton that is of lesser quality.  Your quilt is only as strong as the weakest fabric in the quilt. It is not a good idea to blend very high quality fabric with fabric of lesser quality.

The picture above shows part of the very easy utility quilt top.  You probably recognize some of the prints, as they have been around for years in easily accessed fabric stores.

When choosing fabric for this quilt top, I decided I would focus on red and blue for personality, and I picked out 2 fabrics. Then I went into my stash looking for other similar quality fabrics that blended.  The final result is a quilt top that has a slightly western and patriotic feel.

Simple quilts like these, that are well-used, will last for years.  They will not be passed down to others, but will serve you well.

You can make utility quilts from simple squares, or if you use your best fabrics, you can make very special quilts.

Here are some examples of fabric for a special quilt.

picture of a beautiful plum large floral fabric

I found this fabric as a fat quarter at a quilt store bazaar.  It is 100% cotton quilt weight. It is too beautiful to even think of cutting up.  There is not enough of it to make a border, so this is a fabric that would work well as one of the "stars" of a quilt with squares.

picture of a quilt top made with a beautiful rose vintage fabric in squares

I didn't want to cut up this vintage rose pattern either, so I made a very simple quilt of squares with it, using a solid print as background and to highlight the rose print.

This quilt is a wonderful example of how many small scrappy squares can look exciting and dynamic in a linear design.

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