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The Tornado Quilt Block


layout of 5-patch tornedo quilt blocks


The Tornado Quilt block is another great 5-patch quilt block.


grids of the tornado quilt blockAs you can see from the picture with the grids at the left, the Tornado quilt block is made from  squares, rectangles and half square triangles.


The center is a square, and then the rest of the small squares on the sides of the block can be cut as a rectangle.


Finally you have the small half square triangles.


This is a great block to make use of your fabric scraps.  Again, value is the key to making this block.  Make all your half square triangles with a light and a medium or a light and a dark colored fabric.


If you plan each grid or patch to finish at 2 inches, your block will finish at 10 inches.  You will cut your center square 2 1/2 x 2 1/2  inches.  Cut your rectangles 6 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches, and follow the directions on the half square triangle page for those small units, or use a shortcut technique.


Whenever you are making more than just one block, you can usually find ways to strip piece some of the units to speed up the process.


Here is a visual of the Tornado quilt block with a few other 5-patch quilt blocks.



the wedding ring quilt block with other 5-patch quilt blocks

the double 4-patch with other 5-patch quilt blocks

the tornado quilt block with other 5-patch quilt blocks





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