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The Underground Railroad Quilt Block

the underground railroad quilt block

the grids of the underground railroad quilt block The Underground Railroad is a 9-patch quilt block, as you can see from the grid lines in the picture on the left.  You can also see that this block has been further divided into 36 grids.

All of the units in this block are either half square triangles or 4-patches.

This is another block that is often used in sampler quilts instead of just by itself.  The most notable feature of this block is the diagonal movement.  You must be very careful with your value with this block.  Notice that the dark squares in the 4-patches and in the half square triangles all point in the same direction.

Choose a size for you patches, and then make the 4-square and half square triangle blocks.  Be sure that you pay attention to value, so that you get the diagonal movement of the block.  Notice in the above block how all the dark navy blocks run in the same diagonal direction.

Sew the blocks together using good piecing and pressing techniques, and you are done.

Here are some other design options:

underground railroad quilt blockunderground railroad quilt block

underground railroad quilt block underground railroad quilt block

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