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The US Flag Quilt Block

united states flag quilt blocks

American Quilters love patriotic quilts.  Whether you make them realistic or country style, they are a favorite.

The flag block featured on this page can be made in many styles, as in the picture above.  It is easy to make, and great for a scrappy quilter.

The star in the block is the Sawtooth Star. After you make the star, size the rectangles to fit four of them on the side of the star. Make them a little longer than the width of the star.

Then add 4 more full width rectangles under the star and you are done.

If you plan to use a Sawtooth Star made an easy measurement, like 6x6 inches, your first 4 rectangles will need to match the 6 1/2 raw width of the Sawtooth Star. 

That is the only math that is tricky.  Divide your raw Sawtooth star size by 4, and add the amount of fabric you are going to need for the 3 seams joining the rectangles.

After you sew the star to the first 4 rectangles, add the full width rectangles on the bottom and you are done.  If you want to get a little crazy, vary the width of the stripes.  Country quilts are fun, and you can be creative.

Use your flags in sampler quilts, patriotic quilts, and in all things Americana.  There is no lack of patriotic fabric for sale, and the hunt is part of the fun.

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